St. Maarten

Port Community System for Port St. Maarten


PCS for Port St. Maarten

Port Community System

Port St. Maarten and IT Partner started discussions about a Port Community System in St. Maarten. Port Management travelled to Rotterdam for a tour of IT Partners' Port & Terminal Solutions in the Netherlands.


Stakeholders contribution

Including the stakeholders

With careful consideration of stakeholders' input, IT Partner designed a customized product that increases the efficiency level of Port & Terminal services in St. Maarten and will ensure the growth and development of St. Maarten.


Research & Fact Finding

Research and Factfinding

Hurricane Irma in September 2017 had delayed the project, however also proofed the nessecity of a cloud-based, centralized, web-enabled platform. Extensive factfinding and research was done on the wants and needs for PCS and the project resumed full force.



Agreement with Government

In March 2019 the Port and the Government of St. Maarten officially agreed upon Project PCS St. Maarten. Several experience sessions with all stakeholders have contributed to the final tweeking of the product and also familiarizing the stakeholders with the platform. By December 2019 PCS went Live at Port St. Maarten.

FAL Compliance

PCS offers St. Maarten a platform to comply with the mandatory FAL Convention IMO standards. The Convention's main objectives are to prevent unnecessary delays in maritime traffic, to aid co-operation between Governments, and to secure the highest practicable degree of uniformity in formalities and other procedures.

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